Now what?”

Now what?”

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Write a 2 page paper covering child abuse and mothers who are ‘helpless’ based on the scenario below.

Mother: “I thought I was getting a lot out of this abuse prevention workshop. I tried the thing you told me with the ‘time out’. Every day since our last session, I put my three year old in the corner and set the timer you gave me for three minutes. He doesn’t stay put. So finally, today, I couldn’t take it anymore and I threw the timer at him. It hit in the face and gave him a black eye. He cried so hard, I hit him again. I’m right back where I started from. What should I do now?”

Give evidence-based rationale obtained from reputable scientifc and/or professional sources for your response (may include your readings for this course).

Cite source utilizing APA format.
Keep you response concise and relevant, approximately two double spaced pages, not counting reference page.