NSPS Safeguard and Countermeasures Term Paper Counterterrorism Efforts

NSPS Safeguard and Countermeasures Term Paper Counterterrorism Efforts

Project description
Policy Options Term Paper on Counterterrorism Efforts.

Topic: Counterterrorism Efforts.
I am addressing policy issues on ways to conduct effective counterterrorism to improve strategic methods for the U.S. National Safeguarding and Countermeasures programs.

One of the requirements for me is that I need to compose a Policy Options paper for this course. This paper will require me to address counterterrorism efforts as a policy issue related to U.S. National Safeguarding or Countermeasures programs or inadequacies – – and write a substantive paper analyzing that issue and making realistic recommendations. The form of the Options paper is similar to that used in the interagency process, although each of the national security institutions (agency or department) varies with regard to length and actual format.

In general, this requirement is designed both to hone your ability to think in strategic policy terms, and to build skills that are applicable to policy development and support tasks.

Setting the Context for Your Policy Options Paper: You have been tasked to analyze an aspect of national security policy (or strategy) that affects U.S. national security. Based upon your analysis, you are to write a brief paper (using the following format and section headings) for the Deputy National Security Advisor who also serves as the Chairman of the NSC Deputies Committee in which you critically analyze alternative policies that the U.S. could pursue on the issue – – and then recommend the policy option that you believe best serves U.S. interests and justify your selection. Your paper should contain the following sections:

? Statement of The Problem.
? Background of the issue, including U.S. objectives.
? Analysis of the pros and cons of each policy option.
? Recommendation of a selected policy option with supporting rationale.
? Course of Action to implement the recommended policy option.

Specific Requirements:

1. The paper should be no longer than ten double-spaced, typewritten pages in length exclusive of title page, footnotes, or bibliography.

2. Focus on the Topic (Counterterrorism efforts).
3. The paper should address the current issue or importance to the United States national security community or a potential problem on the horizon that could significantly affect U.S. strategic interests. The subject must deal with a safeguards or countermeasures policy or coordination issue.

5. The paper should combine conciseness with reasonable comprehensiveness. Arguments, analytic judgments, and recommendations should be supported.

Note: include footnotes and use easy vocabulary words. Also, include notes on the United States NCTC (National Counterterrorism Center) role.

For sources include text from whatever is relevant on counterterrorism:
National Strategy for Homeland Security, updated – October 2007 and July 2002
Department of Homeland Security Strategic Plan FY 2012-2016
Executive Order 12333, as Amended thru 2013 – Intelligence Activities
Executive Order 13526, dated January 2010 – Classified Information
Executive Order 13549, dated August 2010 – Program for State and Local
Critical Foundations, Protecting America’s Infrastructures, Report of the President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection, dated October 1997

Other sources should be government and scholarly sources only. I listed fourteen sources. However, feel free to use as many sources as needed.