Numerical Partial Differential Equations & coding

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c) Numerical solution. In Section 10 you can find example how to solve PDEs numerically. Transport eq (5.7), parabolic equation (5.12), and wave equation (5.14).. For example, in 10.2 you find info how to solve linear transport equation. Try to test the different schemes mentioned by making a code. Compute numerical solution. Try to understand criteria for stability of the scheme.
In Section 10.3 there is a similar study of heat equation. Explore both explicit and implicit scheme (10.28) and (10.31).
d) Extend the code for 1D in c) to 2D.
e) Study in detail the model described in Section 13. Make codes and solve 1D and 2D model and try to reproduce results shown there.

The Reaction-Diffusion System:
Pattern formation based on the reaction-diffusion mechanism occurs commonly in geophysical and geological processes.
This needs working code to simulate and create graphs.
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