NURS 484

NURS 484
Journal Assignments

Purpose: The five required journals are evidence that course and individual student learning outcomes have been met. Additionally, the journals assist the student in assessment and reflection of their progress and growth.

Note: You may address some learning outcomes more than once throughout the semester (see journal topics in the syllabus and weekly schedule). Although the outcomes do not have to be addressed on the specific date they are listed on the schedule, they must be addressed during the semester to receive full credit.

1. Journals will be written in MS Word format on the template provided under each assignment submission link. All written journals must have correct grammar and punctuation (please proofread).
2. Should reference citations be used, they should be in APA format.
3. Journals will be submitted for the dates indicated on the weekly schedule.
4. Each journal MUST identify the specific student learning outcomes being addressed.
5. The learning outcomes will be documented by using the list below.
6. The journal will be submitted to Blackboard via the assignment link provided in the aligned weekly work module.

Student Learning Outcomes

Journal 1: Course outcome 2

Journal 2: Course Outcome 3

Journal 3: Course Outcome 5

Journal 4: Course Outcome 7

Journal 5: Course Outcome 8

Grading Criteria Points
Possible Points
1. Clearly label and identify (write out) the course outcome (s) 2
2. Thoughtfully and thoroughly write journal content. Highlight activities that reflect the student learning outcome. Each journal assignment has specific instructions as well). See specific point allocation below. (9)
1) Variable per journal
2) Variable per journal
3) Variable per journal
3. Identify and discuss a “take away” from this learning experience 2
4. Used correct grammar, punctuation, and APA formatting. 2