Below you will find 3 discussions THAT NEED REPLIES -Reply to each post (3) separately in ***first person’” perspective and add 2
references per reply with citations- -Do not be biased or correct the post IN ANY WAY. If you reference nursing in any country, it must be in the

Please create personalized and substantive responses to at least two other student main posts- In your response, include the following:

1- Did the student identify the correct population, given the dataset they selected? Why or why not? If the population is not correct, please note what
you think it should be-

2- Did the student choose and identify one quantitative and qualitative variable? How can you tell that that their selections are correct?

3- Which variable did the student select to evaluate level of measurement and what was the level of measurement selected? Is this level correct?
How can you tell? If not, what is the correct level for the variable and why?

Reply 1-Cierra- 1)The name of the data set I will be analyzing is Female Health Data-

2) The population in the data set represents the female population-

3)Each row is a participant, which in the data set is the female population- Each row is a different participants information-

4)Each column in the data set represents: the female’s ID number, age, height, weight, waist, pulse, cholesterol, BMI, wrist, birth month of first child,
and body temperature-

ID number: The identification number of the female-

Age: The age of each female- Ranging from 19-56

Height: The height of each female- Ranges from 586-668

Weight: The weight of each female- Ranges from 94-3-238-4

Waist: The waist measurement of each female- Ranges from 67-2-126-5

Pulse: The females pulse rate- Ranges from 60-104