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Writing Across the Curriculum
Instructions and Rubric
Nursing 220

Find an article in an American Nursing Journal that has been written in the last 5 years, and is not a research study. The article selected must be related to the chosen exemplar from this semester (Sign up sheet is outside Office 402). The paper must:
a. Identify two important findings, ideas, or theories in the article that can be used to help educate patients and/or families about this exemplar. (For example: medication administration, additional resources, better management of their condition).
b. Explain why the two ideas/findings were selected and how this content would be used for patient teaching.
c. How does the information provided in the article compare/contrast with information provided in lecture/required readings.

The paper must follow APA guidelines using a font size of 12, Times New Roman, presence of a title page, a reference page and must include in-text citations. The body of the paper must be
2 ½ – 3 pages in length. You must include a copy of the article with the paper submission. Do not plagiarize.

Papers submitted after the deadline will not be graded and the student will receive no points.

Use the rubrics as a guideline for your grade.
Examples of Possible Grade Outcomes
100 = 2 points
90 = 1.8 ponts
80 = 1.6 points
70 = 1.4 points
60 = 1.2 points
(To calculate points = (grade x .02