Choose a particular acute care nursing unit in your organization ( e.g., medical /surgical, oncology etc.)- Also, if applicable to you, Nursing Home or Home Care. Develop an operating expense budget for that nursing unit. Submit a detailed personnel cost and supply budget for 2018 in an Excel spreadsheet format. Provide the supporting documentation for the numbers del.d in the budget ( i.e. FTE calculations, salary per nursing job classification, overtime, etc.). Write an overview regarding the types , patients seen on the it top 5 DRGS (or HHRG’s if Home Care), severity , patient illness, average length of stay, per cent unit occupancy and model of care delivery. Provide the financial justification for the cost of the delivery of nursing care. What is the budgeted unit census, HPPD, skill mix, RN to patient ratio in the budget you developed? How do you assure that the budget is flexible enough to meet the nursing care delivery needs of the patients?