Nursing education/ Creating Nursing Program

Nursing education/ Creating Nursing Program

Project description
Im creating a 4 years nursing program. The theoretical framework of this program is based on Benners model From Novice to Expert.
The following are the curriculum concepts of the program
1- Leadership – Integrate leadership concepts, skills and decision making effectively to promote a culture of safety and quality outcomes for patients in a variety of

2- Evidence Based Practice – Evaluate evidence to support and advance nursing care for diverse, multicultural and vulnerable populations.
3- Diversity – Create quality care practices based on knowledge of holistic, spiritual and cultural concepts for nursing care of diverse populations
4- Professionalism – Promote the nursing profession by demonstrating caring, compassionate and ethical nursing practice.
5- Professionalism – Promote professional growth and developments through lifelong learning that supports personal and professional learning by utilizing critical

thinking and advocacy
6- Quality & Safety – Integrate evidence based practices to promote and increase patient safety and quality of care
Inter-professional Team – Differentiate interdisciplinary health care team member roles to improve patient outcomes and overall health.
7- Informatics – Appraise patient care technologies to improve the management and safety of patient care to diverse populations.
8- Critical Thinking/Clinical Reasoning – Establish a systematic approach to nursing processes in order to communicate effective solutions to complex problems in a

variety of healthcare settings.
9- Critical Thinking/Clinical Reasoning – Incorporate scholarly knowledge, nursing theory, and problem solving ability to address and influence the delivery of


The philosophical concepts of the program include:

Nursing values compassion, competence, creativity, evidence based research, and respect for human dignity.

For this assignment I want:

1- evidence-based rational for the following courses to support the curriculum and philosophical concepts of the program. ( Each course in separate small paragraph) No

into or conclusion is needed just rational for each course (4- 5 sentences each) not necessarily touching on all the concepts:
Health Assessment, Health Assessment Lab, Intro to Nursing and Inter-professional Term, Health Resources and Macroeconomics, Acute Adult Nursing Care, Acute Adult

Nursing Care Clinical

2- evidence-based rational for giving the following courses in the first year that support the programs theoretical framework (from novice to expert) as well as the

programs concepts :

Environmental Factors & Health
Intro to Nursing & Interprofessional Health Teams
Technical Writing and Composition
College Success Skills

Anatomy & Physiology I
A&P I Lab
Nursing Theory
Developmental Psychology
English Literature Writing Intensive

3- evidence-based rational for the importance of the following curricular concept and how does it relate to the programs philosophy and theoretical framework.
(Evidence Based Practice – Evaluate evidence to support and advance nursing care for diverse, multicultural and vulnerable populations)

Please answer each section separately. Remember, this is part of a final report that Im creating. So, NO need for intro or conclusion . Please contact me if any

further instructions are needed


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