Nursing History: Dorothy Dix

Suggestions for topics to include but are not limited to:
Introduction of the nurse leader and rationale for selection? Did they begin a “movement”? How did their life intertWine With the profession of
nursing? What was their personal history and call to nursing? What societal issues were predominant at that time such as the women’s movement?
Correlate their historical contributions With their nursing practice- Remember that the profession of nursing has developed around and Within societal
constraints and issues-
How did they contribute to such arenas as public policy, health care delivery models, challenging regulatory barriers, public health, vulnerable
populations, education, etc-?
Are they responsible for any national organizations?
What evidenced based research did they conduct or how did their contributions further advance the professional of nursing?
How might these nurse leaders remain relevant to nursing practice today? What are correlations to evidence-base nursing practice, health
outcomes in contemporary society, etc-?