Nursing Leadership


Presentation (one page) (Your name, Cohort Number and Submission Date)
Introduction (one page)
Introduce yourself (one page) Explain 3 reasons why you chose to be a Nurse, what lead you to making that decision?
Provide a summary of your work experience (including relevant volunteer work) and your education, knowledge, skills and abilities. (1-2 pages).
Focus on your leadership experience or, if your experience is limited, your leadership potential.(2-4 pages)
Introduce your philosophy of leadership (one paragraph)Introduce your philosophy of organizational culture change management (one paragraph)Expand on your philosophy of leadership (four pages) double spaced.
Include material from throughout the Nursing Leadership course (2-4 pages)
Discuss at least one leadership case from a source other than the assigned texts of where significant, beneficial cultural change was achieved (Give an example of a local nursing institution that achieved success upon implementing changes). Focus on the leadership activities that led to organizational success.
Expand on your philosophy of organizational culture change management. How would your Leadership skills help improve the quality of nursing services in your current organization?
Reflect on your ability to inspire trust, and to communicate a vision, and lead execution of organizational change initiatives.
In what kind of settings do you believe you would be most effective right now? What additional growth plans should you consider? (one page)
Summary and Conclusions (one page)
Reference page ( one page) Note: Use books, articles, internet articles, research, etc. Always cite where your obtained the information from (author, book or article name, edition, hyperlink)