Nursing management

Case study.

Francine, a 52-year-old journalist, underwent a splenectomy this morning following a motor vehicle collision, from which Francine received abdominal injuries and some minor cuts and bruises. Francine smokes 20 cigarettes daily and has done so for the past 35 years. Surgery occurred, Francine’s spleen was removed and there was a safe surgical outcome. After one hour in recovery, Francine was transferred to a surgical ward, and you are working with a registered nurse to care for her.

In her first 48 hours post surgery, Francine is at risk of a number of post-operative complications. Identify two of the most likely post-operative complications that Francine has the potential to develop and critically discuss the nursing assessment of each complication and your nursing management (including any preventative measures) of each complication. In your discussion, draw upon and critique research evidence to identify current best practice.