Nursing Psychopharm

Nursing Psychopharm

The post comprises two asighnments

1: Nursing Psychopharm

Order Description

• Let’s say that you are the prescribing NP discharging a patient from an inpatient stay with various medications. What precautions would you take in choice of medication, amount of medication, ensuring mental health follow-up?
• Identify follow-up recommendations or protocols you would follow for three different types of psychotropic medications. Address ongoing frequency of face-to-face visits as time goes on.
• How would you handle refill calls when someone has not come for their recommended follow-up appointment? Are there any liabilities you would be concerned about? If so, what are they?
• Look for guidelines regarding refilling psyhotropic medications and the frequency of visits. Share the guidelines and reference in your discussion.
• What are you to do if you are terminating a patient? What are the ethical and safety guidelines for this?
• What strategies will you use to keep your patients med-compliant?
Provide evidence-based rationales/research regarding med compliance/liability/etc.

2:Breaking the Waves

1. Why is this scene important to the film?
2. What does the scene do to further characterization, narrative or the themes explored by the director?

Access film here:

Breaking waves:

respond in at least 75 words. .
Address open ended prompts related to specific images from the assigned films. provide original, analytical, critical commentaries, avoiding summary as much as possible. cite examples from other films and detail connections to assigned readings.