Nursing retention

Nursing retention

The post is a combination of three asighnments

1:Nursing retention

Define your project
What is it? nursing retention, etc.
Statistics – What is the prevalence/incidence rates across the US or in your state/region?
Causes (what are some of the causes?)
List one cause here
List another cause here, etc.
Benefits for preventing/fixing/decreasing
List reasons here
How to prevent
What are things nurses can do to help with this topic?
List them here

2:English Poem

How does Duffy present the complicated nature of relationships in ‘Valentine’? Type up your essay. Ensure you use the appropriate terminology and quotations. Size 12
font, one side of A4.

3:The courts and judges

Order Description

answer the below questions in a minimum of 300 words.

D5. The Founders wanted the courts to be independent bodies. In addition to making decisions about life and death, whether to award settlements in civil cases, and
whether to punish individuals and the severity of that punishment, the courts also make decisions affecting the lives of everyone. The courts have effectively
legalized abortion, sanctioned the death penalty, integrated schools, decided whether a city’s districts for city council are constitutional, and determined how
evidence may be admitted into court. Countless other issues have been decided by courts. Many judges are appointed for life and are thus free to make difficult
decisions that might not be made by legislators. Do you think the courts and judges have too much power as compared to the wishes and expectations of our Founders?

D6. the integration of schools and the various social developments that resulted. the courts’ attention to criminal due process rights in the 1960’s and the
resulting social change. What are the social changes that have actually been caused by the courts within the last few years or which may be caused by the courts in the
near future?