Nursing Theory Taxonomy



Complete the following:
1- List and analyze some of the major nursing theories addressed in this course, using the format in the Unit 4 assignment
template (given in the resources)- From your Alligood text, choose four theorists, plus Florence Nightingale, in order to complete
the taxonomy. Choose theorists that align with your own beliefs and theory of nursing- Feel free to be succinct when filling in the
chart- However, you need to provide enough information for it to be a good resource for you in future courses- Other 3 theorist I
would to be included are:

Lavinia DOCK, Sister

Callista Roy,

Mary Adelaide Nutting,

Isabel Hampton Robb



2- Write a comprehensive summary of each theory and reflect on how it relates to your own beliefs and theory of nursing-
Your paper should be 4-6 pages in length, not including the cover page or reference section- Use correct APA format, including
citations and associated references and any additional materials- Use the Unit 4 assignment template to format your taxonomy