Nutrition and Health

  1. Tell me about at least four functions of protein.
  2. What are the primary steps in protein synthesis and what determines the shape of the protein?
  3. How does denaturation change the protein’s function? How do you think the GMO’s would affect the shape and function of protein?
  4. What is the AMDR for protein? What misconception do you think that some body builders may have regarding the amount of protein in their diet?
  5. Give me a quick description of protein digestion and absorption. Show me you understand this!
  6. What groups of people might benefit from increased amounts of protein? Why?
  7. The text talks about inadequate amounts of protein. What is it called when we have too much protein? (see addendum) Should we be stocking up on protein at dinner or would we be better off having greater amounts at breakfast and lunch? Why?
  8. What are the locations of food preparations associated with the greatest amount of risk of foodborne illness?
  9. List the stops that food can be contaminated from the farm to the fork.
  10. What groups are most vulnerable to foodborne illnesses? What are the four basic principles of food safety?