Nutrition- Science.


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Critically evaluate population based dietary data, interpret intakes by comparing against national nutrient recommendations, identify and critique any associated health risks and propose relevant, evidence based solutions to improve health.
The task ought to cover the following….

Identify common nutrition issues at each stage of the lifespan and apply practical, relevant, evidence based solutions to these problems that considers cultural and social influences.
Select and use appropriate technologies to locate, critique and interpret individual and population based dietary data, national nutrient and food based dietary recommendations and peer reviewed nutrition literature.
Apply effective written and communication skills to disseminate evidence based nutrition knowledge to specialist and non-specialist audiences.







write an 1800-word article discussing the calcium
results, and provide a one-minute audio recording (please provide a script) suitable for a radio audience summarising the health implications of current intake levels. Address each of the points outlined below in your assignment. Your written article can be presented in any format (that is, there is no prescription of font size or line spacing) but should have a logical flow and include supporting evidence from at least five original peers reviewed scientific articles to support your argument. Review papers may be included but they are in addition to the 5
original research articles. There is no age limit on the articles that you select to include in your assignment. Do not cite references from internet sources, and non-peer reviewed literature unless there is a strong reason to do so. Use the mark allocation to guide how much detail is expected for each question based on the total word limit of the assignment. The guide will be provided in word doc format once we begin. The reference section and any in-text citation do not add to the word count, all other text is to be included in the word count. You must provide the word count at the start of the written assignment.

Address the following points:
Part A: Written Assignment (1800 words)
Locate and critique population based dietary data: Describe and critically evaluate the method used to collect the calcium intake data in the NNPAS. Is dietary data considered an accurate reflection of calcium intake?
Interpret population based dietary data: Compare the intake data with the Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) for calcium, specifically the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) and Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI). What proportion of the population did not meet the EAR for calcium? Justify why you use the EAR for this comparison as opposed to the RDI.
Identify nutrition issues, locate & critique peer reviewed nutrition literature: Identify and critically evaluate the evidence from peer reviewed journals linking calcium intakes with adverse health outcomes in children and adolescents.
Evidence based solution to current intake levels: What changes, if any, would you recommend to improve current intake levels of calcium in this population?

Part B: Oral presentation (1 minute) (script)