NY times

Select a research article of your interest from the NY Times ‘Science Section’ in the “Tuesday, NY Times.”

1. Where was the original research study conducted?

2. State the problem or the topic that is being explored, in the original research study, be specific.

3. Describe the purpose of the research?

4. How is this research significant to nursing practice? Give details.

5. How does the newspaper article represent the research when compared to the original research study? Give examples.

6. What are the credentials of the individuals conducting the research? How does this add or distract from the research that was conducted?

7. How has the problem or topic been addressed in the past? What background information is presented?

8. What further research needs to be explored on this topic?

9. What questions does this article leave you with?

10. How would you use this article or its references as a basis for further information on this topic? Give examples.