NYC Wild Life Research: Red fox

Urban Ecology Field ActionIt is often assumed that there is no such thing as wildlife in urban areas, that wildlife has been extinguished or forced out in the process of human development and that,
therefore, cities are exclusively the domain of humans. Though human development has certainly modified the natural ecosystems that existing before this development, this is far from the case.Part
1:For this semester-long assignment, select an example of NYC urban wildlife (animal or plant – note that “wildlife” does not include domesticated animals or farmed crops). Research and study your
selection, and discuss topics such as:1.Is that species native to its current ecosystem? If not, where is/was it native to?2.How has it adapted to existing within NYC?3.How is it expected – or how
do you expect it – to be affected by changes to this ecosystem in the future? (What are those changes?) Provide explanations