ob Search – Resume and Application Letter

Job Search – Resume and Application Letter

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Reading Assignment: Successful Writing at Work – Read Chapter 7 – How To Get a Job.

Assignment Information:
The two essential documents involved in the job search process are the:

Cover Letter

Much thought should go into each. It is extremely important to write your resume to both the type of position and its required skill set. You want the reader to envision you in that position successfully contributing to the success of the organization. If the reader can not ‘see’ this, you are unlikely to get to the interview table.

How can you best accomplish this?

Understand the requirements of the position.
Understand the skill set being sought.
Write your accomplishments to these skills.
Write your accomplishments in both measurable, action-oriented terms.
Show them how your DEMONSTRATED previous contributions to success can be an advantage to them.

What about the Letter of Application (Cover Letter)?

Understand the specific issues of the hiring organization/company.
Focus on how your skills can specifically help them achieve their goals.

If you can successfully ‘connect those dots’ for your reader, you improve your chances of moving to the next stage.

Assignment Information Cont’d:
It’s Not About You

Contrary to popular belief, neither the resume’ nor the cover letter are about you. They are about what you can do for the hiring company/manager. This is a most important point for the job search (and most other business communications).

The hiring company does not care about you as an individual. (Sorry if that upsets some of you; however, it is fact.) The hiring company/manager care about what they need. They only want to know what you can do for them.

If you don’t write to that perspective, you will likely be bypassed. Take the time to separate yourself from the pack. Before sending either document:

Ask what issues does this company/industry face? How might I help?
What are the requirements for this job?
How can I show that I have the needed skills/experience? The key here is to show the reviewer. Simply saying you have them does not substantiate it. You must give the reader the visual of your success in this position.

Anything short of this approach is likely to fail.

Please submit the following:

Copy of a real job ad.

You Application Letter for that specific job. Align your letter to the requirements of the job (remember your audience).

The assignment is to create an Application Letter for the attached job (HR Manager).