Observation Log

Observation Log
And observation log is an informal description of the astronomical objects seen during an observation
Informal means that there is no specific format to follow; that is:
It may be one or several pages long.
It may contain either:
o Only written descriptions or
o Only graphical descriptions or
o A combination of written and graphical descriptions.
It may be handwritten or typed.
Sketches may be either done by hand or with any optical or electronic media.
Informal does not mean sloppy, disorganized, dirty or low quality.
An observation log includes:
1. Name of observer.
2. Date of observation.
3. Time of observation.
4. Location where the observation was done.
5. Identification of the instrument(s) used.
6. Description (written and/or graphical) of each of the astronomical objects observed in the
Opportunities for Observations
1. Southern Cross Astronomical Society (SCAS) events (www.scas.org).
2. Miami Planetarium and Museum of Science http://www.miamisci.org/www/eventsplan.html .
3. Broward College planetarium.
4. Any Astronomy-related event announced in class.