Observation of Walter

  1. Create an informal observation of Walter a kindergarten student who has one of the following social/personality issues that bothers you the most( aggressive, shy, hyper,bossy, needy, overly sensitive); then answer the following questions.

1 what specific behaviors caused you to label Walter as you did?

  1. What in your past experience might have caused you to label Walter more in effort to fit your beliefs than to assess his issues.
  2. Review your observation points to determine how you might rephrase what you observed in a positive way.
  3. Explain how you would share information with the family in a way that demonstrates a lack of bias on your part..
    5What type of observation would you share a d refrain from sharing in efforts to support your assessment of this child.
  4. How could you use the “sandwich technique ” ( start with something positive about child, then share the harder info, end with positive) in sharing your observation with the family]