Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) – Risk Management

Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) – Risk Management

To design and develop a risk management policy and program.

You will notice there are a number of elements that must be addressed in your answer. Use each element as a heading and answer the elements? requirements directly under each heading. Each element clearly spells out the requirements and even sources of information and areas of coverage for you to address, access, refer to and include.

This assignment can be answered by looking at, for example, Manual Handling, where you will create a policy and program to address Manual Handling issues or concerns in the workplace. You will undertake this exercise using a project management approach.

The portfolio of research will include such things as (using the above example of Manual Handling) OHS Act and Reg requirements, Manual Handling Code of Practice, Manual Handling Manual(s) etc to support your control activities and facilitate workplace safety for (say) Manual Handling.

You are required to put together a folder of your research and information in report form.

The report is to include the following:

— A brief overview and explanation of the workplace (context).

— Develop an OHS risk management policy and program for distribution at your workplace. The OHS risk management policy and program is to be based on hazards identified in the workplace.

— Create one sample of your own developed documentation (not copies of an organisations?) and include the following details:

1)A risk register.

2)The consultation process you undertook (or would undertake) to trial the draft process.

3)How you effectively utilised feedback from staff/stakeholders in the process.

4)How you gained (or would gain) management commitment and sign-off.

5)An overview of the OHS need identified and how the process would be implemented.

6)How you monitored and reviewed (or would monitor and review) the process.

7)How you communicated (or would communicate) the risk management policy and program.


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