Occupational Interview –

Employee Introduction
Mr. …is an employee at the … County Recreation Commission (RCRC) in … South Carolina. He has been employed with by this organization for a total of 13 years and his current job title is Center Manager. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Social Work.
Mr. … works closely with Ms. … who is the Program Coordinator at their facility, … Adult Activity Center. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation Administration and has been employed there for a few years. Due to the flooding in Columbia, the facility was closed for an extended period of time. Ms. … was unavailable for direct contact; however, Mr. … was more than qualified to assist me in completing this task.

Occupational Interview Four Questions

How long have you been employed in Human Services?
I’ve been employed here for 13 years.

What made you decide to pursue a career in Human Services?
I have spent a lifetime being of service to others. I love working with people and although my job does not pay greatly monetarily, I am rewarded beyond measure from the people I meet and assist.

What is your current job title?
Center Manager

How did you get this particular job?
I applied and was blessed to be hired.

Is there a specific education requirement for your position? If so, what is that level?
You must have a Bachelor’s degree to obtain my position as well as Ms.’… position.

What are your typical responsibilities?
I am ultimately responsible for all the programs and activities that take place at the center. I also complete all work schedules and supervisor a staff of seven employees.

What are Ms. … typical responsibilities?
Ms. … is responsible for researching programs and activities that can be implemented at the center. When she finds a program that she would like to implement, she has to complete a Program Proposal to the board of the RCRC. If the program is approved, she then searches for a qualified instructor to instruct the program. She also organizes and coordinates the use of our facility and programs.

How are instructors hired?
We hire instructors based on the program needed or presented. We may seek out instructors, but some instructors come to us with their classes. They must complete an Instructor Proposal and gain approval from RCRC. The instructor must be qualified. We complete a national background check on all instructors and their employees as well.

What is a typical work week?
Our facility is open 8am to 8pm, Monday through Thursday and 8 am to 7 pm on Friday. We typically work 8:30 to 5:00pm weekdays, but we all support activities and programs that require our attendance on weekends too.

What type of problems do you deal with?
We don’t like to say that we have problems. We take on challenges. What may seem like criticism could be potentially beneficial in making a program or activity better. Sometimes it’s a matter of a personal conflict or the patron was not satisfied with a program or even misunderstood something. Nothing will ever run completely smooth, but we make every effort to make our programs better.

What skills or characteristics do you feel are necessary to be successful in this field?
To be successful in any of these positions, you must be approachable. You have to have a passion for people. You have to be patient and understanding. Genuine concern is a must.

Do you feel you and your staff have job security?
I do believe we all do. We fill a void in the community. We also have great benefits through the state.

Would you recommend someone starting a program like yours?
Yes. I love the patrons that use our facility and our community of supporters. We really have great times getting to know people in the community.

What are some of the successful programs that you have at your facility?
We have the Arthritis Foundation Exercise class, the Senior Strength & Conditioning class and our Pot-Luck Luncheon that are the most popular and successful. The arthritis class is free, but the conditioning class is $3.00 and you have to bring a covered dish for the luncheon.

How is the facility able to offer free programs and activities?
We receive funding through the state and we use the money received from the fees from other programs and activities to continually offer these programs.

How does the facility screen participants to ensure they are physically able to participate in the programs?
We require all participants to sign a waiver prior to starting any program. A disclaimer is a must in all our facilities.

Is there opportunity for advancement or growth in your organization?
Yes, if there is an opening. There are several positions above mine. RCRC consistently promotes within.

Is there anything that I didn’t ask that is important to know?
Make sure you surround yourself with people that really have a desire to serve others. There are many programs that you can implement, but make sure you meet the needs of your community. Our time was short, but I hope I helped you. Good luck to you.


I scheduled this interview with Ms. … prior to the historic flooding we suffered here in Columbia. Since the area where the center is located was flooded, the facility was closed and I was unable to keep our original appointment. Ms. … was later unavailable, but Mr. … stepped right up. He was so sincere and passionate. He loves and appreciates his career. He told me he doesn’t really have a job. He said, “Some people have a job and it’s a chore. I have activities every day that I love”. This interview was much like my previous interview with Mr. … and Ms. … . I also prepared a few questions, but most of the questions came as a result of the great information he was provided.

After interviewing Mr. …, I felt so enthusiastic about our conversation. He was just so happy to be working at this facility and being a real asset to the community. He gave me some great information on the programs offered at their facility and wished me well. I understand the process of initiating program and hiring instructor. I will gladly take his advice and ensure that the programs implemented at my outreach and recreation center meet the needs of the community.