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Learning Outcome Project: Create a Personal Portfolio Website
Complete the following assignment:
• Create a personal portfolio website using Google Sites
Learning Objective: Students will create an e-portfolio of their personal, professional and academic work.
Website Instructions:
• The web site should include a homepage, and at least two subsidiary pages.
• Select a site theme, colors and fonts. (A professional look is key!)
• Add a logo.
• Include a header and navigation area on each page (horizontal navigation bar, sidebar and footer).
• Add content of your choice, including text and images. There should be text about personal, professional and academic experience and accomplishments. (You can use content from your personal brochure, created in Module 2, to highlight your personal, professional and academic experience.)
• Optional: Add documents or videos that highlight your professional experience.
• Submit your website using the Share Your Site feature.
o Send the email invitation to [email protected]