Operations management

Operations management
UOLSCM Assignment Hints and Tips

suggested structure and associated word count for the written assignment. no need for this piece of work to have subheadings, i.e. you do not need
to have “Introduction,” “Theory 1,” etc. Just write the piece of work in traditional essay style as one continuous piece of text. Do use paragraphs and spaces to
help with the presentation. The word count is an approximation. It is not an exact guide, but it does help in how much to include for each part. It is left to your
own judgement how closely you follow these recommendations for the word count.

Introduction to Operations Management, logistics, etc. This is to demonstrate to the reader that you have an understanding of what operations management, logistics,
etc. are about and that this is the subject of the essay. (About 200 words)

Introduction to the company and introducing the two chosen topics. Here your choice between hospital or automotive company is given and some basic information about
the company. (About 250 words)

First choice of topic and corresponding theories/concepts. Setting out the main theories/concepts related to the chosen section i.e. TQM tools if you have chosen
quality. A critique of these, application as to how the company uses them and a critique if applicable and where information is available compare with other company
(ies) i.e. compare with how the hospital applies TQM compared to Arnold Palmer. (About 750 words)

Same for second choice of corresponding theories/concepts. (About 750 words)

Triple bottom line. Economic, Environmental and Social approach/considerations of the organisation. (About 300 words)