Operations Management

  1. Select an operations management topic.
  2. Identify minimum 5 research articles for the selected topic.
  3. Group will read the articles and write an analytical report (Minimum 3000 words)
    Report Format
    The report should be written with font size 12 Times New Roman and 1.5 spacing between sentences in the following format:
    • Cover Page
    • Table of contents
    • Introduction: Introduction should overview of the aim/purpose and objective of the
    report, including rationale for doing this study.
    • Literature Review: Conduct a literature review in line with your research topic to
    synthesize what is known, and not known including identification of gaps if any.
    • Methodology: Discuss all important theoretical, methodological, and practical
    contribution of the selected studies and also clearly link these contributions to the real
    life scenarios and your project.
    • Compare and Contrast: Compare and contrast the theoretical and methodological
    contributions of the selected studies, and clearly point to specific examples to illustrate
    the comparison, and include only the information relevant to the comparison.