Operations Management Case Study

Operations Management Case Study

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The main purpose of this assignment is to provide the opportunity for you to fully grasp the general understanding of operations management as a subject area. Particularly you will also have opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of a specific aspect of operations management.
In this assignment you are required to work individually. You are expected to search a specific issue or problem that an organisation* is experiencing in its operations and carry out an in-depth study into that issue or problem. The study will include background description of the issue clearly linking it to that particular organisation working environment, detail explanation of the issue, the literature review to understand the issue, and finally development of a sound practical solution to address the issue. The practical solution could be in terms of formulated strategies, operational procedure, or a working model, and it should be developed with the literature review based knowledge and the case study analysis. You have to understand that the practical solution you have developed is just a conceptual solution, and you may recommend how best you could test the solution to further gain confidence on it.

The report should include (you can vary the structure and headings if needed)
1. A one page executive summary (around 200 words)
2. Introduction (Background,explanation of the issue,scope of the study, and
rationale of the study)
3. Literature review (minimum 800 words)
4. Development of conceptual solution
5. Case study analysis
6. Conclusion and recommendations
7. References
8. Appendices(if needed)

1. Case Study about something really related to operations management

2. Literature review is very important and should start with defining the issue/concept.

3. International journal of management reviews to be used, and the journals to be academic ones.

4. The development of Conceptual solution is the most important part ? it is the best model or framework adapted to solve the issue and it is the best way that allow us to analyse our problem ? example: as per literature , it was found that there was four conceptual models which will allow us to understand the problem and mostly I am going to adapted the second one which is xxxx. And then mention the reason why we choose this conceptual framework . So the conceptual model is a perfect academic framework.

5. ARCOM conference paper to be used (as attached).
6. The paper will enter a turnitin software to check plagiarism and the allowed similarity is only 7%. Please make sure to this!
7. Module guide and teaching schedule are attached to allow you choose an appropriate topic in operations.
8. Coursework Assignment Brief is also attached, please look into it.