Opinion on LEADERS


This is just a personal opinion based on the subject. It doesn’t need to have references.

Are leaders born or made? If you think they are born, can anything be done to help someone who wants to lead but was not born a leader? If you think they are made, how are they made?

Respond to a classmates opinion (doc 2)
The phrase, “natural born leader” has been used exclusively to describe individuals who have
possessed this quality at a young age. However, I believe the opposite: leaders are created. I think
that leaders are made based on how they grew up, and what characteristics they were exposed to. If
an individual is raised in an environment where they are able to explore and use the world as their
playground, they are more likely to fit a leadership role. On the other hand, individuals who come
from environments where communication, for example, is not a priority, they have a hard time
developing social and leadership skills. Relating back to environment, if a person is the eldest
sibling, they tend to take on the leadership role while they are very young due to the expectancy of
the parents wanting them to take care of their younger sibling. Moreover, if a child is growing up in a
single-parent household and that parent is usually working, they adapt to becoming a leader quicker
in order to take care of small duties such as chores. Leaders and the media have a strong
connection with one another in that if a child has a role model or an idol, they tend to follow their
beliefs and ideas. The role model or idol themselves also is made into a leader if they sense that
they have a particularly wide fan-base. In that case, they want to be a positive example. Although
others might say that leaders are “naturally born,” there are many different qualities that help
transform an individual into a successful leader.