optimization in IoMCTor IoT or WSN


security, OoS optimization in IoMCTor IoT or WSN (Writer can suggest any for PhD level research)

Paper details:

I need a research paper for standard journal based Computer Science, IoMCT, or Information Technology. The writer can choose
topic according to his convenience and we need to discuss it or I can propose the topic. I will prefer the topic related to IoMCTor
IoT or WSN.The topic must be about new Idea and never published or written for another person etc. I need the format for IEEE
and 9 or so pages. The idea must be new and need to be proof with some simulator and implantable in practical life and can
arrange physical module if needed. I also need the simulation source code separately with what Idea (New Proposed
Algorithm/Technique) is proved and get the results. The paper must also include the comparison of current available
Techniques/Algorithms against which new Technique or Algorithm is Proposed. Paper Pattern: IEEE includes Abstract Introduction
related work New Proposal of New Algorithm or Technique (Why, pros and cons ). graph of comparison or main part of algorithms
or techniques and diagrams etc. conclusion. Copyright for me.