Option 1: Research Essay


Compose a 2-3 page, double-spaced essay in which you explore one of the artists we’ve covered so far in class in greater depth. Begin by choosing an artist from one of your study guides who you’d
like to learn more about. Your paper should focus on images from this artist that we did not study in class. Be sure to include a discussion of how the artist you picked fits into their larger art
movement and historical context. You should also include your own opinions and interpretations of the artworks you discuss. Please include images of the works you discuss (or links to images). Use
at least three reputable research sources (they can be online sources, as long as they are reputable, or articles and books from the school library). You should cite your sources in MLA form, both
in-text as needed and also in a bibliography.

Grading Criteria for Option 1

The paper is 2-3 double-spaced pages and includes images of the artworks discussed: 10

The paper is clearly written and error-free: 10

The paper uses three reputable sources, cites them in-text when appropriate, and includes a bibliography: 15

The paper discusses examples that were not seen in class and includes accurate information about them: 10

The paper includes an in-depth and informed discussion of how the artist you picked fits into their larger art movement and historical context: 15

The student includes their own interpretations and opinions: 15

Total points: 75

Option 2: Visual Project

Create an artwork in any medium that imitates (or provides a different take on) one of the following art movements: Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realist Painting, or Impressionism. This must be an
original artwork that you create for this class, not one you made in the past. Then, compose a two paragraph discussion of your work and the art movement it relates to. Be sure to explain and
define the movement you picked, and explain how your work relates to it. When you turn in your project, upload both a photograph of the artwork and with the written portion of the assignment.

Grading Criteria for Option 2

The student’s artwork demonstrates a clear and convincing connection to the chosen art movement: 20

The student’s artwork and explanation indicate a strong understanding of the chosen art movement: 20

The student’s artwork demonstrates significant time, planning, and effort: 20

The student composes a clear and error free two-paragraph explanation of their work: 15

Total points: 75

Option 3: Creative Writing

For this project option, you will demonstrate your understanding of the time periods that we have been discussing by writing a 3 page, double-spaced short story in which you describe a day in the
life of one of the following characters:

– An artist’s model for one of the paintings or sculptures we looked at.

– The best friend of one of the artists we studied.

You can invent these characters and make up any narrative you’d like for this story, but you must include at least ten specific and accurate historical details that show what this period was like.
Those details can be world events, inventions, types of music, popular novels, etc… as long as they create an accurate picture of the historical context. At the end of your story, include a
bibliography of reputable sources in MLA form that shows where you found your historical facts.

Grading Criteria for Option 3

The student has composed a clearly written 3 page, double-spaced short story that meets the parameters of the assignment: 15

The story demonstrates an accurate understanding of the artist and time period 20

The student integrates at least 10 specific historically accurate details into their story: 30

The student includes an MLA bibliography of reputable sources that shows where they got their historical details: 10

Total points: 75