Oral/Interpersonal Communications



Select six of these “your choice” questions,


Are there any etiquette rules that differ from American culture? Describe a holiday celebration unique to that culture, and largely unknown by most people in the US? What are the unique cultural norms around life events most in your class would know nothing of, yet involve some rules of communication or behavior?  (Weddings? Births? Deaths?)  Relevant information related to values and beliefs in this culture, and how it impacts how people behave? How are gender roles perceived (competitive vs cooperative) in this culture? Are their elements of popular culture (use of a communication mode, a particular medium) that affect this culture?  (consider social media, television, meetings) What sorts of daily rituals are unique to this culture? What personal activities are seen as public? What activities are seen as private? What are the cultural attitudes toward older persons, aging and the elderly? How is space used (e.g., how close should two people who are social acquaintances stand next to one another when they are having a conversation?) How is time understood and measured?
(e.g., how late can you be to a business appointment before you are considered rude?) Is change (a job change, a life change) considered positive or negative in this culture? What are the criteria for individual success at work? What does marital success and family look like in this culture? What is the relationship between humans and nature? (e.g., do humans dominate nature? does nature dominate humans? do the two live in harmony?) What is the role of religion in this culture? What is humorous in this culture and why?