organisation and people

organisation and people

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Individual Assignment: Reflective Essay

The individual written assignment will take the form of individual reflection upon your experience of the group assignment (see Group assignment guidelines below).

Throughout the group-based assignment, your group will have been involved in a number of activities, including planning, investigating, analysing, team working, presenting and evaluating. There will also have been certain underlying activities such as thinking, persuading, negotiating, testing and encouraging. You are now required to write a reflective essay that

(a) makes use of the relevant theory to provide a detailed analysis of one aspect of your experience during the group assignment and

(b) considers the implications of your analysis for the effective management of people within organisations.

For example, your reflective essay may address one of the following topics:

1. Conflict within groups
2. Cross-generational working
3. Issues surrounding group leadership/management (or a lack thereof!)
4. Decision making
5. Group performance
6. Group formation
7. The use of power (hard and/or soft) within your group
8. Knowledge sharing
9. Group roles
10. The impact of culture on group work
11. Interpersonal relationships and team effectiveness

You need not be constrained by this list and should focus on a topic that you are interested in studying (and writing about) in detail.

A high quality reflective essay will involve:

• Meeting the terms of reference (objectives a and b)
• Excellent presentation and layout (style and structure)
• The ability to undertake constructive/honest self-reflection (openness, clarity and realism of reflective critique)
• The ability to analyse and provide explanations, linking to relevant literature
• An overall grasp and understanding of the processes involved (e.g. learning and group-working) and their implications for the effective management of people within organisations.

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