Organisational Behaviour (2015/2016)

Organisational Behaviour (2015/2016)

Order Description

Critique of scholarly journal articles designed to deepen your understanding of the theory and practice of international organisational behaviour (IOB).


Working individually choose one of the five topics covered on the IOB syllabus and review two scholarly IOB journal articles pertaining to one of the topics (psychological testing, motivation, interpersonal relationships, decision-making, problem-solving and negotiating, leading and influencing). Examples of IOB scholarly journals include Journal of Organizational Behavior, Organization Management Journal, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Prepare a maximum 3,500 word critique of the articles. In your critique:

· Provide a short summary of the articles.

· Outline your reasons for choosing the articles.

· Review critically the articles, referring to appropriate academic contributors.

· Follow the requirements outlined in the assessment criteria as a basis for your critique.

· Utilise journal article sources appropriate to academic critiquing in IOB arena.

· Source articles that are not part of the content provided for the IHRM/IOB module.


· Submit typed individual article critique during class in week 13 of semester one (Thursday 10 December 2015).

· Hard copy only accepted.

· Keep within a maximum word count of 3,500 words (excluding appendices and bibliography).

· Late submission penalties as per your School Guidelines will apply.

· Structure and format assignment appropriate to an academic work.

· Engage with the literature and apply this knowledge utilising appropriate theoretical framework(s).

· Use the APA (American Psychological Society) system of referencing which is a Harvard (name-date or “in-text”) referencing system.

· Type using double spacing and times new roman (size 12), aligning text to both left and right margins (i.e. straight lines on the left and right margins).

· Include copies of the two scholarly IOB journal articles in the appendices (web links will not suffice).

· Non-inclusion of articles may be subject to a maximum capped grade of 40%.

· Include cover sheet (attached) as first page of submission.

· Questions about the continuous assessment will be dealt with in class during lecture time only.