Organisations and People Module code:


Drawing on the topics from this module you are required to apply your knowledge to produce a report evaluating ONE of the following organisations:
•Eddie Stobart 

•Network Rail 

•Tui Group 

Your report should draw on models and theory from the module, literature and wider readings and your own research on your chosen organisation. Within your answer you should discuss: 

•Organisational structure and design 

•Organisational culture 

•The organisational environment 
It is recommended that the assignment is approached as a number of distinct parts, which you bring together in an overall conclusion. You are free to use appendices (if used correctly) to provide evidence, for example the organisation’s structure. With this in mind, I suggest that the following outline is adopted. 

  1. Introduction
    – Introduce background to the organisation 

    – Outline the scope of the report 

  2. Organisational structure and design
    – What kind of organisational structure does the organisation have? For example, in terms of decision making, it is centralised or decentralised? Is it a functional, divisional or matrix design, for example? 

    – Evaluate whether the organisational structure is appropriate for the company? Justify your arguments. 

  3. Organisational culture
    – What kind of organisational culture does the organisation have (for example, what are their espoused values and visible artefacts)? 

    – In what ways does the culture help support the mission and vision of the organisation? 

  4. The organisation’s environment 

    – Explain how the environment affects the operations of the organisation. For example, globalisation and changes in technology.
  5. Conclusion
    – Explain whether the organisation’s structure and culture should help the organisation to overcome any of the environmental issues you have identified.
    Key facts
    Weighting: 50%
Referencing: The University standard referencing system is APA 6th style. The link below is to the library guidance on referencing and it is recommended you use these resources to ensure your references are in the correct format.