Organisation’s supply chain





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Your task is to investigate the organisation’s supply chain and to assess whether it is as up-to-date as it could be according to contemporary literature about supply chain management.

Identify a local organisation involved with the supply, distribution, or sale of physical products or services. This may be an organisation you work with or one with which you are familiar. The organisation might be a retail store, a wholesaler, a manufacturer, or any other type of company with product or service being sold locally or internationally.

Write a report which includes the following:

Brief description of the organisation and an overview of the supply chain systems involved in its operation (so that a reader understands the context of your report).
Describe and analyse any three of the following areas of supply chain management in the organisation:
Supply chain competitive strategy
Supply chain agility, flexibility and responsiveness
Synchronisation of the supply chain
Supply chain risk management
Supply chain organisation and management, including the company supply chain organisational structure.
Global supply chain management in the company (if the company does not operate globally, assess the potential for it to do so, and discuss the key issues).
Provide your own opinion on how the organisation’s supply chain is performing based on your analysis of key supply chain performance factors. Identify any critical issues and problems and make recommendations to help improve the organisation’s supply chain management.