Organization analysis

Compose the executive summary on its own separate page. An executive summary captures the key points in one to three paragraphs, enough to entice the reader to want to read the full report.

Compose an Introduction

Explain the purpose of this report, beginning by naming the company chosen and explaining the nature of the analysis to be performed. Then give only the company history that is pertinent to the analysis. Keep in mind that it is through the organization’s history that the internal culture or ‘way’ of conduct develops, so look for this information

Perform the Analysis

Identify, analyze and evaluate OB concepts/theories that create an environment (work and organization design) that leads to high performance.
Identify, analyze and evaluate strategies, policies, and procedures relating to leadership challenges such as decision-making, change, conflict resolution, and organizational commitment in an organization at every level.
Identify, analyze and evaluate techniques relating to human resources policies and practices (personal selection, training and development, and performance evaluation).
Create a SWOT analysis using standard four-square format for each component and bullet points (Google SWOT analysis template for samples) to present organizational level factors identified and examined in Instructions 3, 4, and 5.
Discuss each SWOT component analyzing and evaluating the organization’s environment, leadership, and human resources policies and practices.
Create at least three recommendations, synthesizing key findings and ideas to maximize ongoing improvements to organizational performance and success.