Organization Assessment report


HEDU 4120 – Organization/Administration of School/Community Health Programs
Organization Assessment
This activity is designed to provide students with the opportunity to increase their understanding
of the administration and functions of health education programs and public health
organizations/agencies. The paper should be no longer than two pages.
You will conduct an assessment of an organization by doing the following:
 Select an agency/organization and get it approved by the instructor.
 Review pamphlet or handout on the vision, mission, administration and functions of the
 Review the website of the organization for more information.
 Conduct an interview with a staff of the organization.
 After careful assessment, write a summary of the findings and share the information with
the class.
The following questions should help you in gathering information during your assessment.
Pamphlet/Website Review:
 What is the name and address of the agency/organization/program?
 Who is the priority population? Who are they trying to reach? Geographical limits?
 What is the vision and mission of the agency?
 What are the lines of authority? (Review the organization chart).
 What are the general functions of the agency/organization?
 What health education programs or health services are provided by the
SWOT Analysis
 SWOT analysis questions for the interview (see handouts).
 What is the name, job title, credentials, and function of the person with whom you
Paper Format:
Template on Blackboard
 Pamphlet/Website Review Summary
 SWOT Analysis (table format)
 Reflection
Length: no more than 2 pages
Font: 11 or 12 point