Organization Behavior, Structure, and Assessment

For this assignment, you should:

1.First, pretest your current knowledge of organizational structure types by using this online test at the following link:

2.Watch the following video: “Types of Traditional Organizational Designs: Simple, Functional & Divisional Designs”:

3.In a 2- to 3-page paper, describe the three types of Traditional Organizational Design (Simple, Functional & Divisional) and provide an example of a health care facility/organization that each design would ideally follow (i.e., Hospital – Functional). (Note: You might want to consider matrix organizational structures, a combination of both functional and divisional organizational structures.)
4.In your paper, dedicate a paragraph to the results of your pre-test. There is no need to share your answers or score. Consider your results against what you learned in the video. Ask yourself: Do you believe your knowledge was increased? Did the pre-test assist with knowing the importance of organizational structures for health care leaders? What other benefits did you obtain from taking the test?