Organizational Behavior

Watch the TV show ‘The Apprentice’- Season 1, the episode 5 “Trading Places” online at .

You must CAPITALIZE all OB jargons so that I can find them easily.

1. Briefly introduce the sketch of the story in that episode. No more than 80 words!

2. Had it been you, would you volunteer to lead? Do you see the five stages of group development?

3. What roles were played by each member in the team?

4. What was the strength and weakness of each team? Did the group dynamics (e.g., cohesiveness, social loafing, and group think) affect the outcome?

5. Who is the worst member in the losing team? How could the group deal with him/her if that member could not be fired immediately?

6. Among the three members in the board room, do you think Mr. Trump fired the correct person for his company? Do you accept his reason?

7. Anything else you can relate to this video.