Organizational behaviour (Andrew Ryan at VC Brakes)

• Individual case assignment: Andrew Ryan at VC Brakes case
Deadline: 09-04-2018 15:00 | Individual | Weighting: 25.0% | Assessed
Word count: 750 words (MAX)

Carefully read Andrew Ryan at VC Brakes. Answer the following questions using the information in the case and the material from the class to organise and justify your answers.

All three questions are equally weighted. Your assignment should not exceed 750 words.
1. Evaluate the TQM change programme at VC Brakes. Use Kotter’s change framework to explain the relative lack of success.
2. Andrew Ryan was effective in leading the CCB project in his department, but less as a leader in the company wide TQM programme. Why? Please use the ideas from Kotter’s article “What Leaders Really Do” where appropriate.
3. Is the culture at VC Brakes a strong culture? What effect did culture have on the TQM programme at VC Brakes? Make sure to back up your answer with evidence from the case.
Here are the marking criteria for the assignment:
4. The correct application of relevant and appropriate frameworks and concepts from the sessions.
5. The accuracy of answers and the validity of the justification.
6. The quality of the writing and the clarity of the answers.
General advice
Answers that adopt a “shotgun” approach and include significant material unrelated to the questions posed will lose marks. Please note: all questions are of equal value and should be more or less the same length.