Organizational change is a process rather than an event

We have learned that organizational change is a process rather than an event. It often starts with knowing what to change, continues through how to change, and then concludes with when to change. Using these steps as a foundation, present a 3-5-page paper that addresses the following:

Research organizations in KSA that, in the past three years, have recently completed a major change to their organization (e.g., merged with another firm, expanded operations, significantly reduced staff, etc.).
Provide a brief summary of the organization and the reasons for their recent change.
Present the steps or process the organization followed, from the initiation of the change process to the implementation of the change.
Discuss the stakeholders who were included in the process and indicate what their roles were.
Discuss the key processes/strategies which were successful, the key processes/strategies which were not successful, and advice or suggestions you would offer (based on what you have learned thus far in this course) which may result in a more successful change initiative in the future.