Organizational Culture

Assume you have been asked by organizational stakeholders to assess your organization’s culture. This can be your organization or one with which you are familiar. Develop an assessment questionnaire with at least 5 questions and scoring rubric on diversity and cultural awareness. Next, find three to five individuals from your selected organization and have them complete the questionnaire. (these are fictional individuals you can make up the answers) Then, using a scoring rubric interpret the data based on their scores. Prepare a comprehensive report that interprets and critiques your organization’s culture based on the findings from the individuals’ responses. This report should provide your findings to pertinent stakeholders. Include the following in your report: 1. Explain the methodology and/or process of the assessment instrument for the stakeholders. Include your questionnaire and scoring rubric as appendices to the report. 2. Provide a detailed assessment of your organization’s culture, including both positive and negative findings. 3. Based on the objective data collected using the assessment instrument, determine at least three areas in need of change. 4. Recommend improvements for the organization’s culture. Support your report with at least 3 scholarly resources