Organizational Leadership

The following post has two questions namely;

1.Appraise Coaching Models for Practical Application

1. Write an evaluation to appraise three research-based coaching models for practical application.
o Executive Coaching
o Descriptive Coaching
o Pluralistic \ Theory

2. Then, identify 2 organizations with external and internal coaches.
3. Benchmark the coaching models that identify the elements that make these a best practice.
o Provide detailed examples to support your thoughts.

2.Business Case and Its Componets

The Business Case and Its Components

A business case has at least four components, including market components, product components, industry components, and company components. Describe a product you have used. Show how primary and
secondary research for the product would have been used to determine:

-The appropriate features of the product
-The product’s target price
-Characteristics of product users
–Size of the total market
-Projected product sales revenues in year one of the product’s sales.