Organizations delivering services




Identify two local organisations that deliver services to one of the key sectors such as health,
disability, aging, housing, justice, or employment (you are encouraged to use the same sector as the
one in Assignment 1 to facilitate in-depth learning).
Access a minimum of ten publically available archival documents (for example, strategic plans,
annual reports, web and social media pages, government submissions, pamphlets and so on) for
each of the organisations.
Compare and contrast the following across the two organisations:
Description of organisations and their functioning
o This section should describe the broader functioning of each of the organisations
(including their legal structure, whether they are voluntary, their management
structures and so on)
Underpinning values, types of programs and approach to client health and wellbeing
o This section should identify the values underpinning the service delivery of each of
the organisations: types of programs they deliver (including the client group,
geographical area and other relevant demographic details) and the strategies or
activities in place to support client health and wellbeing
Identification of challenges and risk factors