Organization’s strategic implementation

1. Describe the organizational structure / design — identify the type of structure employed. a. Assess whether the existing structure / design is suitable for the type of organization. Why or why not? b. Suggest changes to the organizational structure that will facilitate better strategy implementation if required. 2. Assess the internal management practices of the organization by describing and analyzing two of the following areas: • Policies, procedures and practices • Process improvement activities • Information and operating systems • Rewards and incentives a. Describe each of the selected items and assess how they have or have not been successful in supporting the company’s strategy execution. 3. Assess the organizational culture of the company. a. Identify and discuss a minimum of 3 major initiatives undertaken by the company to perpetuate their culture. b. Analyze at least 3 forces that maybe causing the company culture to evolve. c. Does the company have a healthy or unhealthy organizational culture? Explain.