Organizing for Innovation at GOOGLE and A Struggle between Efficiency and Creativity”

) Do you think 3M should focus more on efficiency, for example using “red books”, or creativity and blue sky projects? Why? 2)The Steve Johnson video concludes saying “chance favors the connected mind”. Explain how and why Google attempts to embrace this concept in its organizational structure. 3) Google says its 80/20 policy encourages innovations like gmail. Others say it is a “red herring” because most innovative ideas never have a fighting chance. Employees hear countless versions of the same “great” idea, there is no resource support, and influential executives can stop an idea at any time.
What do YOU think of Google’s 80/20 policy? 4)Google actually has two types of organizational structures, one for the creative side and one for other parts of the company. Do you think this is a good idea? Why?