Organizing the filing system

You have greeted Ms. Concepcion. Before you even sit down to your desk, your line on the phone rings. Ms. Goldberg from the President’s Office asks to meet with you this morning at 10 a.m. to go over the details for the meeting with the members of the Academic Council. You already have a meeting scheduled with Professor Carmen Miranda at that time.

Ms. Concepcion is waiting for the details of the video conference call that has to be scheduled for Friday, September 28, 2018. The details of the video conference are attached to the assignment.

Ms. Concepcion has her usual weekly Wednesday meeting with Dean Wu and Dean Mohammed Aktar, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction. Ms. Concepcion asks that she not be disturbed for an hour.

For the hour meeting with the deans, Ms. Concepcion has programmed the phone to bounce all her calls to your line. You have answered a number of routine calls while you are trying to work on the video conference call and the AAC&U Conference:

Placed the meeting of the Middle States Steering Committee on Ms. Concepcion’s Outlook calendar. The call came from Mr. Jaime Rodriguez, administrative assistant to Ms. Goldberg from the Office of the President. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 1, 2018, at 3:30 p.m. in the President’s Conference Room.
Registrar’s request to discuss permissions for faculty on CUNY First
Request from the Service-Learning Committee to extend greetings on their semester professional development day on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, at 11a.m. in the Faculty/Staff Dining Room.
Ten minutes into Ms. Concepcion’s meeting with the deans, an irate student, Mr. Juan Diego, demands to meet with Provost Hernandez Singh. You try to get information from Mr. Diego. However, he refuses to talk to anyone except Provost Hernandez Singh. You know that Ms. Concepcion cannot be disturbed, and you also know that you can respond to any questions or concerns of the students.

Ms. DiPasquale has asked you to help her organize the filing system. The office manager, Mr. Ben Mankiewicz, has asked Ms. DiPasquale to create a new filing system or update the present one. He wants you and Ms. DiPasquale to work together on the system. The details of the present filing system are attached to the assignment.

In a Word document, type the assignments in the order that they should be addressed. State the reason for your choice.
In the same Word document and on a new page, type the way you will resolve the two conflicting meetings.
In Microsoft Outlook Scheduler, show the date of the Middle States Steering Committee meeting. In the telephone message pad, type the messages for Ms. Concepcion and place a note on any recommendations you may want to suggest.
In a Word document, explain the way you respond to Mr. Diego and the way you will resolve Mr. Diego’s concerns.
In a Word document, type your recommendations to upgrade the filing system rather than creating a new one. Specify the reasons for your recommendations. In the same Word document in the second paragraph, type the details of the way you will work with Ms. DiPasquale. State the reasons for your response.
Save the document as TELEPHONE

You realize that you have had quite a busy third day. In a new Word document, type your reflection on the skills that you have used in the office, the assignment(s) that was(were) the most difficult and the reason for the difficulty, and the activities that you look forward to undertaking on Thursday that you enjoy and the reason you enjoyed them.