The intent of this activity is to provide students with real-life situations where a question is presented and an answer required. Students will be expected to thoroughly research the question and provide logical argument for your answer. It is not enough to answer the question with a yes, no. You must support your answer by providing reference source information and quotes. Research questions must be typed (double spaced). State the question then provide your answer and supporting information. Grading will be based on thoroughness adequate background information and accuracy. Proper references include sources such as OSHA standards, the preamble to standards, letters of interpretation, OSHRC case law, ANSI standards, text books, and professional journal articles. All references and quotes must be properly referenced. Your work must be typed, double spaced and properly referenced. Question number 1. Can OSHA cite an employer for a mobile crane operator that has not had a physical exam prior to operating a mobile crane? Provide a yes or no answer with justification. Question number 2. You have a fall hazard situation and your only possible anchor is the crane hook on your 75 ton hydraulic crane. Can you use the crane hook as an anchor point attachment for a personal fall arrest system? Provide a yes or no answer with justification.