Osman Hamdi Bey and the Historiophile Mood by Ahmet Ersoy

Answer only 4 questions, question 13 is mandatory

Answer at least 3-4 in your response paper:
1.What is 1) a historiophile mood 2) a Romantic sense of the past as described by the author?

2. Why was this “Romantic sense” so prominent in late 19C Istanbul/Ottoman culture?

3 .Who were “the Ottoman elite” often referred to in this article?

4. According to the author, how was Orientalism experienced within the Ottoman elite? (145,146)

5. How did OH Bey appropriate Orientalist representation for his own purposes? Define appropriate
6. What was the Tanzimat?

7. OH Bey was not solely an artist; discuss his multiple roles/occupations and their importance to his art.

8. What are the “familiar Orientalist contrivances” Bey uses in The Tomb of the Princes? (147)

9. What are the other forms of art and display the author links to OH Bey’s paintings?

10.What is “local color?”

11. What was OH Bey’s connection to Ottoman displays at the World’s Fairs? Why is this important?

12. What was Ersoy’s purpose in writing this article?

Compuilsory question

13. How does the author contest/enlarge Said’s definition/understanding of Orientalism?