Osteopathy and Mindfulness

To what extent do combined osteopathic and mindfulness interventions result in improved quality of life in patients diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders? A Systematic Review

The Research Proposal forms the second assessed piece of work for your dissertation. It should be 3,500 words in length, and it must be word-processed to an appropriately professional standard and properly referenced. The research proposal should include the name of the person who has been allocated as your dissertation supervisor in the header of the document.
Your research proposal should be appropriate for a dissertation research project centred on a topic or research question that is pertinent to osteopathic practice. The proposal should include:
• A valid and feasible research question
• A background literature to the research question
• An appropriately justified methodology and methods section, including proposed methods for data collection and/or analysis • Ethical considerations and approvals needed
• A project management plan
An appropriate framework should be used in order to structure the proposal. Consideration should also be given to your own research skills and experience. Ambitious projects may require skills that that you cannot attain during your programme of study. You should comment on relevant research design literature in order to indicate a clear understanding of, and rationale for, the research design you have selected.
Your research proposal will form the basis of your research and ethics application for approval.